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NEW HSC Chemistry, Biology & Ancient History Syllabus Notes

Access to FREE Online Chemistry Tutor

Band 6 HSC Chemistry Syllabus Notes

Weekly Homework Problem Set & Solutions

HSC Chemistry Videos

Access to FREE Online Biology Tutor

Band 6 HSC Biology Syllabus Notes

Weekly Homework Problem Set & Solutions

HSC Biology Videos

Access to FREE Online Ancient History Tutor

Band 6 HSC Ancient History Syllabus Notes

HSC Ancient History Videos 


“Very dedicated, funny and caring tutor. Makes equilibrium reactions understandable. Would recommend to anyone wanting a band 6!” 

– HSC 2019 Student 


“Strawberries are sweet but this is sweeter” 

– HSC 2020 Student


“Thank you for everything. You are a lifesaver!”

– HSC 2019 Student


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